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United States
"Don't give up. The beginning is always the hardest, so let's keep going til the very end." ~ Natsu Dragneel :iconnatsusmileplz:

Why hello there. :wave:

The name's Blaze. IconforLamoniWolf by Zencelot

I thought I should come and change this since it's been sitting here for 5 years. xD

About me

I am a pretty friendly girl. I enjoy video games, anime, eating good food, chilling with my friends and of course, art. I am a self taught artist. I started out working with traditional art and then I was introduced to my tablet, Sylar, for my 15th birthday and I love and adore him.

I am pretty laid back and lazy. I love winter and being outside in the snow. During the summer, you'll probably find me being fat on my couch with a big bowl of ice cream in my hands. XP

I do love wolves but I also have a thing for dragons, gryphons and other pretty awesome things of the like.

Mm.. What else. Ah!

I looove anime and I do enjoy roleplaying. So feel free to come and chat with me. I don't might not bite. :P

~Blazie out.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Blackout - Breathe Carolina
  • Reading: Fairy Tail Manga
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Honey Bunches of Oats
  • Drinking: Milk

Heya, guys. You probably clicked on this journal because you were curious to know what happened, right? XD it's actually a trap. I did kill a deer with my car but I won't tell that story until I get to it. X3

Summer's going pretty well, I suppose. I went to Bonnaroo this year for the first time. It was pretty cool! Ling, :iconcobaltrain22: , her brother and I went together. We volunteer there to help raise money for the local band. For our job, we pretty much just had to sit under a tent and give people necessities like Sun block, mouth wash, tampons, baby powder, toilet paper and other things of the like. Anyway, Ling and I worked together. We had a super good spot next to the main stage. If you've ever been there, it's called the What Stage. We got to see lots of cool artists while we were there. It was super easy to just stand up and peek out and see whoever was playing. We did get to have some free time and walk around to see others play and look at what the vendors were selling. I was gonna but something, but I didn't see anything I really wanted. In total, we saw

Tove Lo
Kendrick Lamar
Billy Joel (Eh)
My Morning Jacket (Didn't like) 
Alabama Shakes
Twenty-One Pilots
Mumford and Sons
Florence + Machine
(Uh.... many more than this, I just can't think of it right now... ^^; )

The only concert we were actually standing around and waiting for was Twenty-One Pilots. It was actually a really good concert. Ling and I were mostly there because of her brother. He's a huge fan. But it was really cool to see and watch them. I never really listened to them before. I knew a few songs here and there and then Ling's bro would play the Blurryface album over and over again, so eventually learned the words to those songs too.

It was worth it to go see them. At one point, Tyler said, "Find a partner and when I said the words 'get up' one person gets I the other's shoulders."

I turned to Ling and said "Do you trust me?" XD and she gave me the most surprised face. Aha, in the end, she ended up being on my shoulders and she got to see the strange and take pictures from my shoulders. My feet and legs had been killing me from work, so it's a winner how I even carried her for so long. It was fine though. I still had fun.

I got a new job and had to work starting Bonnaroo weekend. I've been working for about a month now. I work at waffle house as a waitress. At first, I worked as this thing called a door corr. This job pretty much is the most irrelevant job ever unless it's busy. What I had to do was keep people from leaving and going to the other waffle house across town. I just talk to them. Keep them interested in my mindless chatter until a table opened. When it wasn't busy, I just stood around and pretended to sweep and wipe tables. I did that from 7 am to 2 pm.

Now I'm trained and I'm a waitress. It's an alright job. The pay sucks ass. $2.25 an hour is shitty pay. The money comes from the tips and that's only if it's busy enough for that. Now I work night shifts. 9pm to 7am. It can get pretty boring on weekdays I'm at work now, writing this journal. On weekends, it's kinda boring. I might sit around for an hour or two but people come in still. There's a few regulars that have learned my name and enjoy talking with me. I love that. Otherwise, this job sucks. Sometimes I get called in and have to work double shifts like 7 to 2 and then have to come back in for 9 to 7. I can't complain too much. The steady income of extra cash is nice. It's better than sitting around not getting money. I don't hate my job or the people there, but sometimes they can really work my nerves. It makes me wonder how I haven't stabbed anyone in the neck with forks yet!

There's this one cook.... His name is Al and he's something in his 60's. He is the biggest smartass I've ever met and he's pretty childish too. It really gets to be a pain. I'm somewhat new and I have questions about things. He get so pissy. "I hate it when people ask me questions. Especially server questions." Shut up, old man! I'll end you! I wouldn't be asking if someone else was here, believe me. I'm always ranting to Ling about the shit he does.

XD One time, I had to go to work and I had just taken a shower because we had finished insanity workout for the day. I walked into the kitchen where she was And was like "Yo, sissy. Look at my authentic Waffle House cosplay." I was showing off my uniform like it was something cool. "I'm going to a waffle house convention and we get to make real waffles and sell them to people!"

XD She laughed and named it WaHoCon Ahaha! And then I said. "....I lied. I actually work at waffle house. It's not a con.... " XD it made me giggle a little bit.

XD so here's the part you've all been waiting for!

This past weekend, I took a 3 hour drive to go visit my boyfriend, :iconthatyoungguy: and hang with him for the whole weekend. On my way up there, I got caught up in some traffic. I still had about an hour and a half to go and it was slowing me down but eventually it gets moving and we're finally going the speed limit, which was 70. I see in the corner of my eye, something brown start coming out of the trees and bolt across the street. All I wanted it to do was get across before I could get to it. I slowed down to about 65 because there was people still behind me.

I ended up hitting the thing. It was a pretty good sized deer too. I watched it slam into the driver's side of my car and fly up, spin around a few times before slamming hard on the ground. It didn't move after that.

"So what happened next, Blaze, did you stop?" Is probably the question you're thinking.

No, I did not stop. I didn't know what to do other than to keep driving. I watched people drive around it until I was out of sight. I was shaking so violently though. I turned my music of and sat there trying to process what the hell happened. I called Caleb, my boyfriend, up a few minutes later and told him what happened. He asked if I was okay and everything and then he said "Oh deer."

...... You did not. 

What am I gonna do with him? I didn't appreciate the joke at the time but it's funny looking back at it. XD I'm glad I called him though. I don't know what the hell I would've done. My phone started being stupid and lost the directions to his house and I was still pretty shaken up at the time too. All that was starting to pile up. I was starting to get stressed too. I hadn't even been out of my car to see the damages. I could see that it had cracked my windshield that that was all I could see from the inside. I eventually had to stop because I my phone and I got out to look. I open my door and it seems to be caught on something because it took effort to open it and then there was a loud bang when the door was opened all the way. I go look at the front of my car. There was some blood there, but not too much. My headlight is completely smashed and there's pieces of it everywhere. There's a big dent in my hood and it shifted that sideways to where another part is covering the door and that's what makes the bang when I open it. It made me wish I didn't get out of my car until I got to Caleb's. 

I got to his house a lot later than I meant to. His mom was already asleep by the time I got there. We hung out in his room and I teased him with birthday gifts until I finally gave him them. The things I was most excited about was the hand painted phone cases I did. Phone Cases. They didn't take me to terribly long and we're quite fun to do. I'm thinking about making them into commissions. They look really good on his phone! I'm thinking about making myself one! XD

But anyway, so I ended up sleeping I'm Caleb's room. I can't tell ya how much I missed spending time with him. I haven't seen him in person for the last 2 months since I got out for summer break. It was so nice. Anyway, we got up the next morning and went on a very Claze (Caleb x Blaze) themed date. There was a one day anime convention going on! XD

It was a cute and very tiny convention going on in a holiday inn. There was a small room for vendors and another couple rooms connected to it for games and a place to watch whatever anime they happened to be playing. Caleb and I walked around for a long while, just taking laps around the room until we bought stuff. He got me this SUPER FREAKING ADORABLE kitty pillow! That we named Godioedlarutocalen. (Good luck trying to say that XD ) AHH! And I also bought an Erza phone charm. I can't seem to find a Gray one! I already have a Natsu and Happy one aside from the Erza one I just got. They had a Lucy one but I don't want her. Eventually I'll find one that matches the set. Maybe it's not out yet, I dunno. 

After the con, we went to the mall to get some lunch and walk around in it. I watched him play Pump it Up. I didn't wanna play. I was in flip flops and I wasn't in the mood to embarrass myself. xD We ended up going to Taco bell for lunch. As we started to leave, we were playfully arguing about gift giving and buying gifts for each other and this lady happened to to be walking toward us and watching us all the while and she was like, "Aww, you two are so cute!" 

Hehe! >//w//< Why thank you! that made me feel really good for some reason. After that, we went back to his house. I played with his cute puppy and talked to his mommy a little bit. She's super nice. I'm really glad she got to let me go up there and even spend the night AND let me sleep in his room with him. AH! I can't thank her enough. Then on sunday, we spent the day in bed, cuddling and watching anime until I had to leave and I had work that night. Ugh. Caleb is the most adorable thing EVER and I'm so lucky to have him, he just doesn't even know! :heart: 

Hitting that deer kinda screwed me. I really wish I hadn't. My dad is trying to figure out if the insurance will be able to take care of the damages. Otherwise, I'll have to and I'm dirt poor. I can't just pull a bunch of money out of my ass to be able to get my car fixed. It really is a pain. I got pulled over a couple of times because of the broken headlight. The first cops understood and let me go and then the second asshole wrote me a citation. >_> I can't deal with the stress of it all. I started crying about it because of all the pent up stress and sometimes I cry myself to sleep. I don't really like being comforted when I'm like that and I don't like to ask for help either. My pride is too big and that can get in the way sometimes, but oh well. I do a lot of things on my own and maybe that's not the right choice, but I can't help it. 

I am soooooo ready for college to start back up though. Ling and I are roommates this time around, so I don't have to worry about getting another bitchy chick all up in my room. I missed the closeness of everything and everyone and the freedom to do whatever the hell I want whenever I wanna do it. Soon enough, it will come. I've always hated summer. 

I have also started to play League of Legends! It's so fun! If you ever wanna play with me, let's do it!

That's enough of my rambling until I can find more to talk about. 

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